Payton Palaia, Chief Science Officer, Olistica Lifesciences Group

Payton Palaia
Scientist & Entrepreneur
Chief Science Officer for Olistica

Background in Organic Chemistry with specialization in lipid chemistry and the chemistry of natural products / pharmaceutical sciences and manufacturing / process design management and scale up / commercial-precision agriculture. Experience ranging from Identification and Discovery of New Drugs/Dietary Ingredients ~ design/ isolation / synthesis / clinical evaluation, drug Structure/Function studies , LADME pharmacokinetic assessment, Bio-Metabolic pathway mapping, New Drug/New Dietary Ingredient approval-process management, engineered molecular vehicles for drug delivery optimization , API physical formulation, Co-Ingredient formulation, Internal compliance systems development & management in FDA cGMP compliance. Identification of new indications by unique botanical APIs and clinical validation of those indications. Clinical trial design, with emphasis in natural products. Currently overseeing 6+ phase 1 clinical studies on novel botanical ingredients.

Earlier years spent working in lipid chemistry, specifically in 3 primary sectors; bio-pharmaceutical research, foods and nutraceuticals and the chemical/pharmaceutical intermediates sector. Targeted focus in endocannabinoid chemistry and biosciences. New molecule design of functionalized lipids, structure function studies, final products development. Method development for the isolation of bio-active targets within natural products. Experience in scaling of reactions and commercialization of chemical processes and engineering of systems to conduct and support processes. Library of IP within natural products / lipids fields.

Experience building businesses supporting nutraceutical manufacturing and distribution, ingredient manufacturing and commercial scale botanical extraction/isolation business specializing in bioactive natural products and novel process development based on constituents of natural products presenting significant obstacle to current technology. Plant biology and scaling of agricultural production and manufacturing with experience in cannabis production and other precision agriculture applications for end uses in therapeutics. Databasing of plant genetics and isolation of key genetic factors in plants for trait selective hybridization. Managed agriculture platform design. Agricultural processing and refinement of goods for use as bulk material feedstocks for composite materials, bioplastics, other new materials applications as well as food products manufacturing.